When It Comes to Color, We Love Sharing Our Knowledge

Archroma Color Management Academy

At the Archroma Color Management Academy, our textile experts come together to provide our clients with the most beneficial and unique training courses they have ever experienced before. We offer a selection of customer favorites for your organization, but upon request we can always develop a program tailored specifically to your needs.

What It Takes (3 days): Our most popular course, this covers a wide range of topics that includes color theory, overview of dyes by type, and quality control. Hands-on experience in our state-of-the-art laboratory is an integral part of this course, too.

Dyer for a Day (1 day): Learn about the equipment and the internal workings of a textile color matching laboratory. You’ll experience firsthand the process of taking of a color from inception through lab dip. BYOC (bringing your own color) is highly encouraged.

Quality Control (1 day): Here you’ll discover the variables that influence fabric color, and how you can control them. You’ll also learn about: instrumentation and proper maintenance; repeatability and measurement error; and achievability and the importance of starting with a proper standard.

Dyeing to Know (1 day): Learn about the most common dyestuff classes from insiders. Instructors will discuss strengths and weaknesses of each class, along with factors that can help you make informed decisions.

Dyeing to Know More (2 days): Our most intense class covers the ins and outs of the different dyestuff classes and application methods. Participants should expect liberal doses of hands-on work in the laboratory.


Utilize Archroma Color Management’s extensive global resources to help solve your most challenging problems. These may include:

Supply Chain Quality Problems: Archroma can employ its global labs and teams of experts to analyze and develop solutions to get your production back on track.

Product Development Archroma experts can be integral team members during early stages of product development. The best problem is one that is avoided. Our manufacturing experts will contribute to the innovation process and help prevent costly and unexpected problems. Furthermore, Archroma’s lab and pilot facilities can develop color or finish samples to help you make the most informed decisions.

Resource Optimization: Energy and water are scarce resources. Utilizing Archroma’s OneWay app, our experts will model dyeing and finishing processes utilized in your supply chain. This will allow them to identify areas for improvement, and recommend optimized processes that will allow your products to be produced more sustainably and efficiently.

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