Engineered to Meet the Most Rigid Color Demands

Engineered Color Standards, whether based on the Color Atlas by Archroma® or developed as custom colors for specific brands and retailers, are used for communicating your colors to your producing mills, which leads to the best possible product consistency.

Use our creative standard format, which was designed to meet the needs of dyers. Or, if you feel the need, you can design a custom layout to meet your company’s specific requirements. For example, color standards can be customized with your brand information, dye recipes, and your specific contact info.

Color Atlas by Archroma® Engineered Color Standards empowered by NFC technology (patent pending) are readily available for every color. The NFC tag on each color standard, give you robust technical information about that specific standard.

Engineered Color Standards from Archroma are proven to:

  • Expedite color approvals
  • Give mills a realistic “matchable” target
  • Reduce metamerism on coordinates
  • Minimize compromises in color approvals due to “best we can do” submits
  • Have a high swatch-to-swatch consistency

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