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Where Technology and the Color Spectrum Unite

For color, the Information Age has only expanded the possibilities. At Archroma Color Management, we strive to remain at the forefront of color technology, and our apps serve as evidence of this commitment to innovation. We continuously seek ways to fuse the tangible with the digital, all in the name of making the color needs of our clients more easily attainable. No matter how specific your need, our platform of apps will make the process of finding the perfect color as seamless—and accurate—as possible.

Atlas Color Search

Finding Every Atlas Color Is Now a Cinch

With over 4,300 colors, the Color Atlas by Archroma features a multitude of options. While that might seem daunting, with the online Atlas color search finding matches is easier than ever before. Using your mobile device, you can find the exact color you’re looking for. Simply take photos to instantly search the library, or utilize existing images and pictures to assist in your search, too. Keep in mind that you can also search using RGB, Hex, CMYK, L*a*b*, and .qtx.

Use your mobile device to take photos, or use existing images to search the Color Atlas by Archroma® to find matching colors. The online color search also includes RGB, Hex, L*a*b* and .qtx

Color Atlas Online

Merging the Physical with the Digital

Color Atlas Online has one sole purpose: it lets our customers browse every single one of our colors with ease. Every color has a dedicated page with information relevant to that color, including similar colors, dyeing recipes, and technical support access for vendors and dye mill suppliers.

The online color search includes RGB, Hex, L*a*b*, and .qtx, and you can browse specific tone categories such as Bright, Dull, Light, Pale, Grayish etc. With a responsive design for desktop, mobile, and tablet browsing, and a platform for social sharing of colors, our Digital Atlas App brings the entire spectrum right to your fingertips.

Color Communicator

We Believe in Connecting All Partners

Our Color Communicator is the foundation of the Archroma Color Management application suite. This innovative color assessment tool is a web-based application that allows the continuous evaluation of information from your global supply chain. The system connects to most of today’s spectrophotometers, allowing for flexibility and rapid adaptability.

Product users can access the application anywhere the Internet is available—not just from your regional offices or headquarters. Wherever you’re located, you’re provided faster global transparency and control over your product. Keep in mind we can help you customize the system to manage your unique data and reporting requirements, too.

User Benefits:

  • No installation required, access anywhere with web connection
  • Secure, centralized digital color data storage
  • Access via mobile devices available
  • Utilizes proprietary colorimetric software
  • Optimized global shade approval work flow
  • Create a global information network to build your supply chain
  • Upload and securely store data from your personal color library
  • Customized data management and reporting

When collecting submits from your suppliers, the samples and information must be sent in for a final color assessment. Using, your mills and vendors submit this information online, which eliminates the need for duplication in data entry, as well as the opportunity for errors. Once the color rejections or approvals are made, your suppliers get the feedback online at their own personalized screen. It’s a secure network, one that requires your approval for entry. It guarantees data integrity, and simplifies reporting on vendor and dye house efficiency.

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Palette Administrator

Seasonal Palette Manager for One, and for All

Our Palette Administrator provides web-based facilitation of color palette development. Multiple palettes and projects can be tracked and managed, which means your partners in global color management can enjoy the experience of remarkable collaboration all around the world. We’ve simplified the installation and setup; an Internet connection, user ID, and password are the only essential requirements on your end. You can also sleep easy knowing that your data is secure on Archroma’s state-of-the-art web-hosting environment in Switzerland.

The bigger the retailer, the more brands involved, the greater the number of seasons, and the more elaborate the color plan, the greater the advantages of our Palette Administrator. In a word, the tool “dehassles” an important process for practically everyone in the global color management operation.

Archroma’s Palette Administrator allows you to:

  • Build and track seasonal palettes
  • Communicate changes, updates, additions, and deletions in palettes
  • Automatically check for color name or actual color duplication within new or existing palettes
  • Integrate palette due dates, color development calendars, and timelines
  • Associate multiple colors and palettes in a given season
  • Easily carry over color from previous seasons
  • Have report writing capabilities for tracking and monitoring color development calendars at your fingertips

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